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"The Gentleman's Magazine" 
A brief history of "The Gentleman's Magazine"
“The Gentleman’s Magazine” was published 1731-1907, “edited by Sylvanus Urban, Gent.” 1731-1867.
Edward Cave (1691 – 1754), was founder, editor, publisher and printer. In this publication he created the first general-interest "magazine", inventing the word as it is used in the modern sense. Cave often contributed pieces to the Magazine under his pen name, Sylvanus Urban.
The Gentleman’s Magazine; or, Monthly Intelligencer. vols. I–V. Jan., 1731–Dec., 1735.
The Gentleman’s Magazine; and Historical Chronicle. vols. VI-LXXVII. Jan., 1736–Dec., 1807.
New series. vols. LXXVIII-CIII. Jan., 1808–Dec., 1833. By Sylvanus Urban. 103 vols. 1731–1833. Edited 1731 to 1754 by E. Cave, 1754 to 1766 by D.Henry and R.Cave, 1766 to 1788 by D.Henry, 1788 to 1792 by J. Nichols and D.Henry, 1792 to 1826 by J.Nichols
New series. vols. I-XLV. 1834–56.
New [third] series. vols. I–XIX. 1856–65.
New [fourth] series. vols. I–V. 1866–8.
Entirely new series [ed. by Gowing, Hatton, Joseph and Knight, Joseph]. vol. 1 1868 onwards
1870- 1905, Joseph Knight, of "Notes and Queries", was associated with its production & contributed "Table Talk of Sylvanus Urban"
Final Series Feb.1906 - Sep.1907 by A. H. Bullen
Blennerhassett References from "The Gentleman's Magazine"
not in date order
October 1814
vol. LXXXIV part II, p.344 
The Mirror for Magistrates, in TWO very thick Volumes small 4to. The impression limited to 160 copies.
The authorities upon which the Editor has formed the text of the present edition are as follows:-

Part I. By JOHN HIGGINS; reprinted from the edition of 1587, collated with that of 1575 and 1610.

Part II. By THOMAS BLENER-HASSET; from the original edition of 1578, collated with that of 1610.

                 from the edition of 1587, collated with those of 1559, 1563, 1571, 1575, 1578, and 1610.
Part IV. By RICHARD NICCOLS; published as “A Winter’s Night Vision”; from the edition of 1610. 
January 1808
vol. LXXVIII Part I, p.39 

Topographical Queries [letters to the editor, Sylvanus Urban, Gent.]

Mr. URBAN,                                                                                                             Cambridge, Jan. 27.

BLOMEFIELD, in his Norfolk, vol.III p.683, speaking of Somerton Hall Manor, says.
“In 1544, Henry Cruch settled it on Miles Hobart of Plumstede Parva, second son of Sir James Hobart; and he, by will dated 1557, gave it to John Hobart, his second son, by Eleanor daughter of John Blenerhasset of Frense in Norfolk; which John married Anne daughter of Sir Philip Tilney of Shelly in Suffolk, knt. and left it to his eldest son Thomas Hobart of Thwait, who married Anne daughter of Wm. Reymes of Overstrand, or Oxstrand, in Norfolk, and left three daughters; Jane married to John Kemp; Mary to Dr.Colby, and Elizabeth to _____ Pettus, who all released to Kemp; and Thomas Kemp, son of John and Jane aforesaid, left it to Clement Kemp, his son and heir, who by _____ Witton of Wilby, his wife, left a daughter and heiress, who with her husband conveyed it, before the year 1693, to John Horne of Wichingham, gent, etc.”

The query that follows names the wife of Thomas Kemp of Thwait Hall as Frances, who died 12-Jan-1691 aged 67, buried at St.Mary’s Chapel, Ely; also that John Kemp is probably of Tottenham, Middlesex and died there 1606.

                                                                                                            Edgar Wye, Bentham’s, Ely
NOTE: There is more to this item
February 1765
vol. XXXV, p.98  
“List of DEATHS for the year 1765.
 Feb. 19. Wm Blennerhasset of Cumberland, Esq;”
April 1813
vol. LXXXIII Part I, p.393  
“Obituary; with anecdotes of remarkable Persons.
 March 30. Aged 83, Mr. Wm. Blennerhassett, of Wigton, upwards of 50 years high constable of the county of Cumberland; and on April 11, in Houndsditch, aged 51, Anne, his daughter.”
December 1809
vol. LXXIX part II, p.1180 
“Obituary; with anecdotes, of remarkable Persons.
 DEATHS. Nov. 26. At Maker, in Plymouth, aged 45, Mrs Blennerhassett, a near relative of the celebrated Dr. Oliver Goldsmith, and daughter of Mrs. Primrose, one of the heroines mentioned in “The Vicar of Wakefield.”
A similar obituary appeared in the “Clare Journal” Thursday 14-Dec-1809:
“On Sunday at Maker in England aged 43 years, Mrs Blennerhassett a near relation of the celebrated Dr. GOLDSMITH & dau. of Mrs PRIMROSE, one of the heroines mentioned in the Vicar of Wakefield.”               
NOTE: until 1844 Maker was in Co.Devon, after that date in Co.Cornwall 
February 1867 (part I)
vol. III (fourth series) p.240
(index has pp.239 & 240)
Jan 3. At Eastbourne, Capt. Julius M. Boyd, Bombay Staff Corps, fifth surviving son of the late Gen. Mossom Boyd, of the Bengal Army, to Anna, youngest dau. of Capt. Blennerhassett, R.N.” 
May 1743
vol. XIII p.275 
“A LIST of PROMOTIONS for the year 1743.
Arthur Blennerhasset, Esq; made a Justice of the King’s Bench in Ireland, in room of Henry Rose, Esq; deceased.    G”
NOTE: ‘G’ = “taken from the Gazette” 
October 1847 (part II)
vol. XXVIII (second series) p.446 
“OBITUARY. DEATHS. June.14. At Carhaix, France, George Blennerhassett,
Lieut. 3d R[egiment]. Vet. Batt[alion]. Late of Facnet and St. Servan.” 
December 1774
vol. XLIV, p.598 

“DEATHS. John Blennerhasset, jn. Esq; grandson of Col. Blennerhasset, knight of the shire for the county of Kerry, in Ireland” 

June 1799
Vol. LXIX Part I, p.532  
“Obituary of remarkable Persons; with Biographical Anecdotes.
DEATHS. June 2. At Bath, Arthur Blennerhassett, esq. of Ballseedy (sic), co.Kerry, Ireland.”
NOTE: He died 3-June-1799, not 2-June 
May 1747
vol. XVII, p.247 
“A list of MARRIAGES for the year 1747.
May 12. Capt. Hamilton, nearly related to the Duke [of Hamilton], -- to Miss Girardot, only child of John [Jacques] Girardot of Tilleux near Greenwich, Esq; with 30,000£.” 
NOTE: This is (Mary) Jane Crommelin Giradot b.c1723/4 d.24/25.7.1808, dau. of John Giradot de Rochebrune & Jeanne Crommelin, who later married 2ndly to Arthur Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy, London & Bath 
May 1785
vol. LV part I, p.407  
May 29. In his 72d year, at his house at South Lambeth (after having returned only three days from a fortnight’s journey into Kent, where he held a visitation for himself, and three different ones for his friend Archdeacon Blackhouse) [Dr.] Andrew [Andre] Coltee Ducarel, Esq. LL.D. F.R. and A.S.S. Soc. Antiq. Cassel. Sod. Honorar. Commissary and Official of Canterbury, Commissary of the Royal Peculiar of St. Catherine’s, and
… etc, etc, etc
Adrian Coltee Ducarel, a considerable merchant, and a S. Sea Director, who was the Doctor’s younger brother, died July 1, 1745, leaving a widow, still living, and a son, not long since returned from the East Indies with unblemished reputation. Another brother of the Doctor’s, James Coltee Ducarel, (who lived 16 years at Laurence St. Ayott, Herts, and was a member of the famous Royston Club) is now living in Normandy; and a sister, Mrs. Blennerhassett, at Bath.
… etc, etc, etc
NOTE: She was their sister–in-law, not a sibling sister, her step-brother Andrew Ducarel having married her 1st husband’s sister Elizabeth Hamilton
April 1779
vol. LIX, p.215  
“MARRIAGES. Apr. 14. Rev. Mr. Hamilton, to Miss J. Blennerhassett.” [in error, see next] 
May 1779
vol. LIX, p.271 
“MARRIAGES.  Apr. 14. Philip Tysdell, esq; to Miss Juliana Blenherhasset. (sic)
The ceremony was performed by her brother-in-law the Rev. Mr Hamilton, which led to a mistake in our last, p.215.”  
June 1783
vol. XLIII part I, p.540 

“MARRIAGES.  June 24. Sir Geo. Allanson Winn, bart. to Miss Blennerhasset.” 

July-December 1816 vol.LXXXVI part II, p.598 
Letter of 3-Jul-1774 from (Mary) Jane Crommelin Girardot (who m.1st  Gustavus Hamilton & 2nd Arthur Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy, Bath & London) at Tralee to her step-brother Dr Andrew Coltee Ducarel, LL.D.
image: courtesy of The Knight of Glin
click on image to see preceeding letter from Dr Andrew Coltee Ducarel
December 1810
vol. LXXX, part II p.594  
“Obituary; with anecdotes of remarkable Persons;
DEATHS. Nov. 27. In the Circus, Bath, Col. Blennerhasset”
NOTE: He died 20-Nov-1810, not 27-Nov  
January 1811
vol. LXXXI, part I p.183
Corrections  to vol. LXXX 
“p.594. The late Colonel Blennerhassett possessed extensive influence at Arabella, co.Kerry.
He formerly commanded one of the Irish fencible regiments, and has been twice a representative for Kerry in the Irish parliament. By his death, Arthur Blennerhassett, esq. of Elmgrove, near Tralee, receives an increase of fortune of 3000£ per annum.” 
March 1816
vol. LXXXVI part I, p.274  
“MARRIAGES. Feb. 27. Viscount Mount Earl, to Mrs Blennerhassett, widow of Col. B. of Bath.”
NOTE: Dual marriage ceremony on 24-Feb-1816 (RC) & also 26-Feb-1816 (C.of E.) 
July 1794
vol. LXIV part II, p.677 
“Obituary of considerable Persons; with Biographical Anecdotes.
DEATHS. July 6. At Mallow, in Ireland, John Blennerhasset, esq. M.P. for the county of Kerry.” 
February 1797
vol. LXVII part I, p.173 
“Obituary of remarkable Persons; with Biographical Anecdotes.
DEATHS. Feb. 4. Suddenly, at Tralee, W. Blennerhasset, esq.”
NOTE: He died on 28-Jan-1797, not 4-Feb 
April 1798
Vol. LXVIII part I, p.352 
“MARRIAGES. Lately, In Scotland, Arthur Blennerhasset, esq. of Elmgrove, County Kerry, to Miss Twiss, daugh. of Geo. T. esq. of Anna, in same co.”
NOTE: This marriage was 4-Dec-1797 
December 1815
vol. LXXXV, part II p.637 (index has p.627 in error) 
“Obituary; with anecdotes of remarkable Persons.
DEATHS. Nov. 1. At Bath, Arthur Blennerhassett, esq. of Tralee, co.Kerry.” 
July 1862 (part II)
vol. XIII (third series)
“MARRIAGES. June 12. William Walker, esq. Capt. Royal Lancashire Artillery, son of the late R. Walker, esq., M.P., Wood-hill, Bury, to Mary Anne, widow of the late C. Blennerhassett, esq., Ballyseedy, co. Kerry.”
December 1827
vol. XCVII part II, p.559 
Nov. 5. At his seat, Worley Lodge, near Brentwood, aged 42, the Hon. George-Mark-Arthur-Way-Allanson-Winn, M.P. for Maldon, a Deputy Lieutenant and Magistrate for Essex; next brother and heir presumptive to Lord Headley.

This gentleman was born Aug. 14, 1785, the younger son of Sir George Winn, the first and late Lord Headley, by his second wife Elizabeth, eldest daughter and heiress of Arthur Blennerhasset, of Ballyseedy on the county of Kerry, esq. He married March 27, 1807, Elizabeth-Mary, eldest daughter of Lewis Majendie, of Hedingham Castle in Essex, esq. by whom he had: Mark, born in 1808, now heir presumptive to the Barony of Headley; Edmund-Henry, who died in 1820; and a daughter born in 1814. Mr Winn had sat in Parliament for Maldon only during the last session, having been returned for the first time at the General Election of 1826, after a very closely persecuted contest with Quintin Dick, esq.”

NOTE: His mother was Jane Blennerhassett, not Elizabeth.
November 1825
vol. XCV part II, p.464 

“MARRIAGES. Nov. 19. At St. George’s, Han.-sq. Lord Headley to Miss Matthews.” 

December 1832 Vol. CII, part II p.566 
“ECCLIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Rev. W. Blennerhasset, Iwerne V[icarage]. Dorset 
June 1835 (part I)
vol. III (second series), p.654  
April. 21. At Donhead St. Mary, Wilts,
the Rev. W. Blennerhassett, rector of Gwerne, (sic)
Dorset, to Emma Sophia, dau. of the late F.H. Du Boulay, esq. of Walthamstow, Essex.”
NOTE: This marriage was 12-Apr-1835, not 21-Apr 
April 1836 (part I)
vol. V (second series), p.424 
“BIRTHS. Feb. 28. At Iwerne Minster, Dorset, the wife of the Rev. W. Blennerhasset, a son.”
NOTE: The son was John du Boulay Blennerhassett 
June 1860 (part I)
vol. VIII (third series), p.637 
“CLERGY DECEASED. April 27. At Iwerne Minster, Dorset, aged 59, the Rev. William Blennerhasset, for twenty-seven years Vicar of the above parish.”
NOTE: Rev. William Blennerhassett is believed to have taken his own life, his ghost said to haunt the Old Vicarage at Iwerne Minster. The Old Vicarage is now “Divine House”, boy’s boarding house for nearby Clayesmore School. 
March 1830
vol. C part I, p.265  
Rev. Mr. Blennerhasset, Lyme (sic) Intrinseca R[ectory]. Dorset”
NOTE: Rev. John Blennerhassett of Ryme Intrinseca & Hermitage, brother of Rev. William Blennerhassett above.
August 1834 (part II)
vol. II (second series), p.207 
Rev. J. Blennerhasset, Hermitage V[icarage]. Dorset
NOTE: Rev. John Blennerhassett of Ryme Intrinseca & Hermitage, brother of Rev. William Blennerhassett above.
December 1834 (part II)
vol. II (second series), p.641 
Oct. 21. At Hedington, Wilts, the Rev. J. Blennerhassett, Rector of Ryme Intrinseca, Dorset,
to Eliz. dau. of the late F. Houssemayne Du Boulay, esq. of Walthamstow, Essex.”
NOTE: Rev. John Blennerhassett of Ryme Intrinseca & Hermitage, brother of Rev. William Blennerhassett above.
June 1864 (part I)
vol. XVI (third series), p.793 
“MARRIAGES. April 28. At Tralee, Kerry, Sir Augustus Riversdale Warren, bart. (late Major 20th Regt.), Warren’s-court, co. Cork, to Georgina, eldest dau. of the Rev. John Blennerhassett, Rector of Ryme Intrinseca, Dorset, and niece of the late Arthur Blennerhassett, M.P. for the county of Kerry.” 
February 1860 (part I)
vol. VIII (third series), p.178  
“MARRIAGES. Dec 6. At ROCKBARTON, co. Limerick, the seat of Viscount Guilamore,
Sir J.R. Wolseley, bart. of Mount Wolseley, co. Carlow, to Frances Annabella, youngest dau. of the late A. Blennerhassett, esq., M.P., of Ballyseedy, co. Kerry.” 
February 1846 (part I)
vol. XXV (second series), p.199  
“MARRIAGES. Dec. 20.
The Hon. Chichester Thomas Skeffington, to Amelia,
second dau. of the late Arthur Blennerhassett, esq. of Ballyseedy, Tralee, Kerry.” 
1809 Supplement to vol. LXXIX Part II, p.1228  
“GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. Whitehall, Sept. 2. The King has been pleased to grant the Dignity of a Baronet of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to the following gentlemen:
Rowland Blennerhasset, of Blennerville, co.Kerry, Esq.;
NOTE: Other sources give the date of his Baronetcy as 22-Sep-1809. 
December 1817
vol. LXXXVII part II, p.630 
 “Obituary; with anecdotes of remarkable Persons.DEATHS. Dec. 4. At Cashersiven, (sic) R.F. Blennerhasset, esq. a magistrate of the county of Kerry, and second son of Sir Rowland Blennerhasset, bart. of Blennerville.”
NOTE: He died at Cahirsiveen, Co.Kerry 28-Nov-1817, not 4-Dec. 
May 1842 (part I)
Vol. XVIII (second series),
“OBITUARY. DEATHS. Lately. At Blennerville, Tralee, William Blennerhassett, esq.
son of the late Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, Bart.”
August 1850 (part II)
vol. XXXIV (second series), p.201  
“MARRIAGES. May.16. At St. George’s Catholic Cathedral, Southwark, and at St. James’s, Sussex Gardens, Hyde pk. Frederick Randall, esq. of Highbury, to Dame Sarah Blennerhassett, relict of Sir Arthur Blennerhassett, Bart. of Churchtown, co. of Kerry.”
September 1866 (part II)
vol. II (fourth series), p.413  
“DEATHS. July 10. At Aunagarry House, co. Kerry, after a long illness, Lady Blennerhassett. Her Ladyship was Sarah, dau. of John Mahony, esq., of Blennerville, co. Kerry, and was twice married: first, in July, 1826, to Sir Arthur Blennerhassett, bart., of Blennerville, by whom, who died in 1849, she had issue a dau. Rosanna, and a son Rowland, who succeeded his father as 4th bart.  She married, secondly, in 1850, Frederick Randall, esq., of Highbury.” 
February 1828
vol. XCVIII part I, p.190 
Feb. 1. At the family seat, Churchtown, co. Kerry, Rosanna, wife of Sir Rob. Blennerhassett. She was the only dau. of his uncle, Arthur Blennerhassett, esq. of Fortfield, co. Kerry. 
May 1790
vol. LX part I, p.476 
“Obituary of considerable Persons; with Biographical Anecdotes.
DEATHS. Lately, At Fordsfield, (sic) co.Kerry, Ireland, Arthur Blennerhassett, esq.” 
 September 1814
vol. LXXXIV part II, p.293  
“Obituary; with anecdotes of remarkable Persons;
DEATHS. Aug. 12. Robt. Blennerhassett, esq. of Fortfield (Kerry).
He was returning to his lodgings in Tralee, apparently in perfect health, in company with another gentleman; and when within a few yards from the house, fell lifeless to the ground; unavailing efforts were immediately made to restore animation. The cause of his sudden death is attributed to the bursting of a blood-vessel on the brain.”
June 1822
vol. XCII part I, p.560 
MARRIAGES. Lately. Rev. Edw. Conyers, R[ector]. of Knockane, son of C. Conyers, of Castletown Conyers, to Catherine, only d. of Sir K. (sic) Blennerhasset, Bt.”
NOTE: This should be Sir R[obert] not Sir K. 
November 1808
vol. LXXVIII part II, pp.1022-3 
“Interesting Intelligence From London Gazettes”
“Admiralty-office, Nov. 19. Letter from Capt. Seymour to Lord Gambier”
Amethyst, Hamoaze, Nov. 15.
This letter is a detailed report  from Capt. Seymour on board HMS “Amethyst”, regarding capture of the French frigate “La Thetis. The letter contains the line: “The assistance I received from my gallant friend the First Lieutenant, Mr. G. [Goddard] Blennerhasset, an officer of great merit and ability, is beyond all encomium.”


November 1833
vol. CIII part II, p.478 

“OBITUARY. Lately. At Dublin, G. Blennerhasset, esq. R.N. son-in-law to Sir A.B. King, Bart.” 

March 1844 (part I)
Vol. XXI (second series), p.309 
“MARRIAGES. Dec. 25. At St.George’s, Hanover-sq. Capt. A. Blennerhassett, late of the 38th regt., to Lucy-Ann, youngest dau. of the late Major-Gen. Douglass, of Great Baddow, Essex, formerly Adj.-Gen. to Her Majesty’s Forces in the West Indies.” 
August 1858 (part II)
vol. V (third series), p.205 
“OBITUARY. DEATHS. July 7. At her residence, Stoke Damerel, Lucy Ann, widow of Capt. A. Blennerhasset, of Monkstown, near Dublin, and second dau. of the late Major-Gen. Robert Douglass, formerly Adjutant-Gen. of the Forces in the West Indies.” 
April 1823
vol. XCIII part I, p.468  
“OBITUARY. BARONESS VENTRY. Jan. 19. At Burnham-house, Dingle, aged 88, the Right Hon. Elizabeth Baroness Ventry. She was the daughter of Townhend Gunn, Esq. (by Elizabeth, daughter of John Blennerhasset, of Castle Conway, co. Kerry, Esq) and was married Oct. 5, 1755, to Thomas Mullins, Esq. who was created a Baronet in 1797, and a Baron of Ireland in 1800, and who now survives her. The noble couple had been united for 68 years, and had six sons and six daughters. Her Ladyship was a great-great-grandmother.” 
April 1824
Vol. XCIV part I, p.369-370  
“OBITUARY. LORD VENTRY. Jan. 11. At Burnham-house near Dingle, co. Kerry, in his 86th year, Thomas Mullins Lord Ventry, Baron Ventry of Ventry, co. Kerry, and a Baronet.

He was the only son of William Mullins, esq. by Mary, daughter of George Rowan, esq. by Mary, only daughter of Thomas Blennerhassett, esq., was born October 25, 1736, married Oct. 5, 1755, Elizabeth, daughter of Townshend Gun, esq. NOTE: A line something like the following is missing from here: [He is succeeded by his eldest son William Townsend Mullins born 1761, who married firstly 12 July 1784 Sarah Anne Falkiner] and had issue one son.

He married secondly, May 12, 1790, Frances-Elizabeth, only daughter of Isaac Sage, Esq. which marriage was dissolved by Act of Parliament in 1796.

His Lordship married thirdly, September 10,1797, Clara, daughter of Benjamin Jones, esq. and had issue twelve other children; and the same year was made a Baronet.

On the 30th of July 1800 he was created Baron Ventry as above. His Lordship is succeeded in his title and estates by his eldest son, the Hon. William Mullins, who is now in France. His Lordship possessed considerable acquired property.”
NOTE: The “acquired property” included the Conway Castle, Killorglin estate, purchased from Harman Blennerhassett when Harman married his niece Margaret Agnew and travelled to the USA avoiding the scandal. 
February 1794
vol. LXIV part I, page 179 
“MARRIAGES. Jan. 31. John Blennerhasset, esq. of Tralee, co.Kerry, Ireland, to Miss Phair, dau. of Rt. Hon. Lady Richards (Richarda) Phair, and niece to the Earl of Mountnorris.”
NOTES: This marriage was 10-Jan-1794, not 31st  
March 1845 (part I)
vol. XXIII (second series), p.333 
“OBITUARY. DEATHS. IRELAND. Nov. 5. At Blennerville, the Hon. Elizabeth, relict of Richard Blennerhassett, esq. J.P. of Bally M’Prior, second dau. to the first Baron Ventry.”
NOTE: She died 29-Oct-1844, not 5-Nov.  
June 1822
vol. XCII part I, p.562  
6th.  Martha, married June 1, 1792, Andrew Agnew, esq. who died in the lifetime of his father
Sir Andrew Agnew, bart. of Lochnew (sic) Castle, co. Wigtoun:
NOTE: Martha Agnew marriage was 21-May-1792, not  1-June; also Sir Andrew should be Sir Stair

NOTE: “Burke’s Peerage” 2003, having reviewed the history, shows him 19th Lord Kingsale, not 26th 

supplement 1824 vol. XCIV, part I pp.640-1 
Feb. 22. At his seat, Stockton House, near Saltash, the Hon. Michael de Courcy, Admiral of the Blue…    etc ”
NOTE: This is a long obituary giving details of his career. It ends:
“…Our officer was advanced to the rank of Vice-Admiral, July 31, 1810; and became an Admiral of the Blue, July 19 1821. He married, Oct. 24, 1786 Miss Blennerhasset, daughter of Conway Blennerhasset, of Castle Conway, co. Kerry, esq. (descended from the ancient Cumberland family of that name) and sister of the present Dowager Baroness Kingsale. The Admiral’s daughter, Anne, married in June, 1812, Capt. Sir John Gordon Sinclair, bart. R.N. His eldest son is in Holy Orders.”
November 1786
vol. LVI part II, p.996 
“MARRIAGES. Nov. 6. At Winchester, the hon. …. De Courcy, brother to the right hon. Lord Kinsale, of the kingdom of Ireland, and a captain in the royal navy, to Miss Anne Blannerhasset, niece to Major Poole, gov. of Pendennis castle.”
NOTE: Pendennis Castle is at Falmouth, Cornwall
February 1832
vol. CII, part I p.174 
Jan. 25. At Kingsale, co. Cork, aged 58, the Right Hon. and Rev. Thomas de Courcy, twenty-seventh Lord Kingsale, Baron Courcy of Courcy, and Baron of Ringrone, co. Cork, Premier Baron of Ireland (1181). His Lordship was born Jan. 10, 1774, the second, but eldest surviving son of John, the twenty-sixth Lord, by Susan, dau. of Conway Blennerhasset, esq. and succeeded to the title, May 24, 1822…    etc                           NOTE: This is a long obituary  
November 1854 (part II)
vol. XLII (second series), p.529 
“OBITUARY. DEATHS, Lately, On board the Ben Nevis emigrant ship at Queen’s Town, of cholera, Dr. Blennerhasset, late of Tralee.”
NOTE:  Queenstown is the old name for Cobb, the harbour for Cork. 
December 1830
vol. C part II, p.560 
“MARRIAGES. Nov. 15. At St. George’s, Bloomsbury, W. Bruce, esq. M.D. late of Madras, to Letitia, dau. of the late Captain Blennerhassett.” 
vol.XXXI (31)
1849 part I (Jun  pp.585-592)  
ARTICLE by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D. of Belmont, Co.Kerry,
Archdeacon of Ardfert, Local Historian & Antiquarian Writer (b.1800 d.12-8-1861)
“Some Historic Doubts Respecting the Massacre at Fort del Ore, on Smerwick Harbour,Co.Kerry, A.D.1580” dated Belmont 12-Mar-1849 
vol.XLII (42) 1854 part II
(Oct  pp.323-329,
Nov pp.427-434,
Dec pp.563-568)
ARTICLE by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D.
“A Chapter in the Life of the Earl of Strafford: The Case of Sir Piers Crosbie, Bart.” 
vol.XVIII (18)
1842 part II (Oct) pp.351-2 
Second (new) Series
CORRESPONDENCE (signed “A.B.R.”) by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D.
“Etymology of Smerwick, Co.Kerry” dated Belmont 7-Sep-1842              
vol.XVIII (18)
1842 part II  (Nov) pp.491-2
Second (new) Series
CORRESPONDENCE (signed “A.B.R.”) by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D. 
“Sir Isaac Newton” dated 15.10.1842        
vol.XIX (19)
1843 part I (Jan) p.2 
Second (new) Series
CORRESPONDENCE (signed “A.B.R.”) by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D. 
 Query Re: “Family of Roper, Baron of Bantry, and Viscount Baltinglass”              
vol.XXXII (32)
1849 part II (Jul) p.31
Second (new) Series
CORRESPONDENCE (signed “A.B.R.”) by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D. 
 “Autograph Letter of Queen Elizabeth”
vol.XXXIII (33)
1850 part I (Jan) p.2  
1850 part I (Apr) p.346
Second (new) Series
CORRESPONDENCE (signed “A.B.R.”) by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D.
 “Coningsby Family”                                  
Second (new) Series
vol.XXXIV (34)
1850 part II (Oct) p.346 
CORRESPONDENCE (signed “A.B.R.”) by Ven. Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan D.D.
 “Descendants of Rev. Thomas Fuller and Mary Roper"
Third Series vol.XI (11)
1861 part II (Nov) p.565-566
OBITUARY  for "The Ven. Archdeacon Rowan"

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