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 Inscriptions and Monumental Brass at 
Loudham and Pettistree
near Wickham Market, Co.Suffolk 
The ecclesiastical parish is "Pettistree with Loudham"

Loudham Church, Loudham
Church of England - Diocese of Norwich
In earlier times the spelling Loudham and Lowdham were used at random, for both family name and Suffolk placename.  In modern times the place name is always Loudham, the family name usually Lowdham…  The manor of Loudham was sometimes known as "Loudham next Wickham", as in close proximity to Wickham Market.
"Untill the 13th century people attended Loudham church beside the Hall and this remained in use until 1589 when it was partly dismantled.  In 1609 the church was used to store hay while the steeple became a dove house.  Divine service was sometimes read in Loudham Hall.  Parishoners then began attending Pettistree church.  No trace of the church at Loudham remains, what remained was completely demolished shortly after Jacob Whitbread purchased the Hall in 1792.
["Pettistree with Loudham: A Village and its Heritage" p.2 pub. <c2010?>]
Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Pettistree
Church of England - Diocese of Norwich
photo: BJ
photo: BJ
Monumental portrait brass from the tomb of Francis Bacon (died 13-Dec-1580)
depicted with his wives Elizabeth Cotton & Mary Blennerhassett,
the tomb slab now set into the chancel wall
photo: BJ
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Here Lyeth Frances Bacon theird sonne to Edmunde Bacon of hessett
Esquier decessed, whiche first maried Elizabeth daughter to Cotton of
Barton in Suff[olk], and havinge by her an only daughter Elizabeth,
maried to his second wife mary Daughter and heir to George
Blenerhaysett Esquier and by her havinge noe Issue, departed this
lyfe the XIII of December, in the yere of our Lord God . 1580 .
This inscription indicates Francis Bacon had no son by either of his two wives, but in "An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk", Francis Blomefield [BLOMEFIELD vol.1 1805, Frenze p.141] writing of the Blennerhassett family, tells us Mary Blennerhassett / Culpepper / Bacon granted Frenze in Norfolk to her husband Francis Bacon jointly with his son Edmund Bacon of Harleston, for their lives, and that this son Edmund Bacon son held Frenze in 1572.

Warning This presents us with a puzzle - who was the mother of Edmund Bacon of Harleston?
If not one of Francis Bacon's two wives (Elizabeth Cotton & Mary Blennerhassett), perhaps Edmund was illigitimate? or perhaps he was a son-in-law (a husband of Francis' daughter Elizabeth Bacon)? The term son at that time would sometimes include son-in-law.
Francis Bacon and his two wives Elizabeth and Mary
Petistree Church, Suffolk
Drawn Etched & Published by J.S.Cotman Yar(mouth) 1817 
Print from a drawing by John Sell Cotman, published as a print 1817 and
included in his “Sepulchral Brasses of Norfolk & Suffolk”, 2 vols, 1839
[COTMAN vol.2, pl.33, notes on p.22] 

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