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   Introduction      John Frederick Blennerhassett, Photographer, London
John Frederick Blennerhassett
(alias Blenner-Hasset)
Professional Portrait Photographer, London
John Frederick Blennerhassett (b.1835 d.1904) had photographic portrait studios at two London locations. From 1865 to 1904 his family home and principal studio was at 1A Vernon Street, Kings Cross Road, Pentonville/Clerkenwell, London. From 1864 to 1872 he rented a second studio at 62 Upper Street, Islington, London, a building used by other photographers who also rented rooms there.
The "Directory of London Photographers 1841-1908", compiled by Michael Pritchard in 1986, lists John Frederick Blennerhassett as a professional photographer at both addresses, under the name Hasset (1864-1871) and under the name Blennerhassett (1872-1875). He was still taking photographs professionally in 1894.
J.F.B. was also a hydraulic engineer, designing and making hydraulic engines for organs; a teacher of organ music; Health Inspector for Clarkenwell, London; and manufacturer of nitrous gas for medical use, his family delivering it to London hospitals.

Photographic carte-de-visite by John Frederick Blennerhassett 
Photographic carte-de-visite of an unidentified British army officer, sepia photograph taken by John Frederick Blennerhassett. This probably dates from 1865-1872 when he is known to have been operating photographic studios at both the addresses printed on reverse of the card (62 Upper Street, Islington, London, N. and 1A Vernon Street, Pentonville, London) simultaneously.
The sitter wears his patrol jacket with an officer's belt, on his cap the cap badge of a Light Infantry Regiment. He proudly displays two war medals, between and below which hangs a miniature medal or decoration.
I first thought he may have been a Crimean War veteran, which if correct would have suggested the medals were the Crimea Medal and Turkish Crimea Medal. The Durham Light Infantry (68th Regiment of Foot) and Somerset Light Infantry saw service in the Crimea, as did the Highland Light Infantry (71st Regiment of Foot) although the uniform in the photograph is English, not Scottish.
However, these medals are not from the Crimean War - on the first there are no bars (clasps) and the suspension between ribbon and medal does not match that of the Crimea Medal. The miniature may be associated with a foreign decoration.  This officer was photographed in uniform ten or more years after the Crimean War (1853-1856) ended, so it was probably following return from a different conflict. 
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62, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON [London] N[orth]
NOTES: 1. In the motto, FORTIS should read FORTES.
2. These arms should not be displaying the red hand of Ulster (badge of a Baronet) as that is for different family

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Catalogue Ref. COPY 1/417/141
Portrait of Henry Smart - musician, composer & organist
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Catalogue Ref. COPY 1/417/141
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copyright © National Archives, Kew                  Catalogue Ref. COPY 1/417/141
Copyright Registry - registration of:
"Photograph of the late Henry Smart musician & composer & organist, ¾ face (copy annexed)"
Copyright owner and author of work: John Frederick Blennerhasset, 1A Vernon Street, Pentonville, London WC.
Application for copyright made 17 July 1894

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J.F. BLENNER-HASSET     PHOTO                                               19-12-67      REGISTERED
photograph of a watercolour painting
depicting a residential terraced building undergoing demolition, 19th December 1867.
Three people are standing by the demolished house, one of them at the foot of a ladder of extraordinary length.
Taken by photographer John Frederick Blennerhassett of 1A Vernon Street, Pentonville, London

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