Blennerhassett Family Tree
Genealogy one-name study      by Bill Jehan
   Introduction      Parish Registers of St.Anne, Blennerville
Blennerhassett entries in the
Parish Registers of St.Anne, Blennerville, Co.Kerry
Church of Ireland - Diocese of Ardfert & Aghadoe
Transcribed 2001 by Bill Jehan from original registers at the
Church of Ireland Representative Church Body [RCB] Library, Dublin
P.461 Parish of Blennerville (St.Anne, also known as St.Anna)
District of Tralee, Co.Kerry - Diocese of Ardfert (Church demolished 1930)
Volume 1.1       REGISTER of BAPTISMS 1844-1849
 2-Mar-1845      baptised    Mary, daughter of Samuel & Mary Blennerhassett of Blennerville, Farmer, born same day
Volume 3.1      REGISTER of MARRIAGES 1844-1849
 No Blennerhassett entries
Volume <?>      REGISTER of BURIALS 1845-1849
25-Dec-1846   buried   Honourable Helena Jane Blennerhassett aged 72 years (born c1774)
NOTE: These appear to be the only surviving registers, all others being lost. Sadly, the church was demolished in 1930

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