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   Introduction      Will of John Blennerhassett 1532
Will of John Blennerhassett (d. July-1532)
of Hampstead, Co.Middlesex and of Southill, Co.Bedfordshire
will dated 13-July-1532, proved 29-July-1532  


Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

of Hampstead, Co.Middlesex and of Southill, Co.Bedfordshire

half brother of Sir Thomas Blennerhassett, Knt, of Frenze, Co.Norfolk, whose will was also proved in 1532  

Will dated : 
13 July 1532 (24 Henry VIII) 
Will proved :  
29 July 1532 Lambeth (PCC) 
PCC Register :
register: Thower 
quire: 16 
folio: 123v-124r  
National Archives (PRO) Catalogue Ref: 
PROB 11/24 
National Archives Image Reference :   
Transcribed by : 

T(estamentum) Johannes Blenerhassett     (his name, with this portrait sketch by the bored scribe, are in the left margin)  

In the name of god Amen  The xiijth day of July anno Reg(nu)m Reg(i)s Henerii Octavi  xxiiijto  /  I

John Blen(er)hasset beyng of good mynd and memorye make this my last will and testament yn this maner

wyse folowynge/ Fyrist I bequeth my soule to almyghty god/ and to our lady and to all the company of

hevyn and my body to be buryed yn the churche yarde where as yt shall plese god/ I bequeth to hey

awl(t)er at Ridge  iij s iiij d /  It to the repa(ra)cons of the same churche (xls)/  It that I shuld be honestly brougt

to the groownd yf I departe/  It to the repa(ra)cons of the churche of hampstead xx li/  It  to the churche of Mary

bone x li / It to the churche of Sowthell x li/  It to evry of my yomanint tennts  ix li? It to every Jeusyliwth

yn my lords howse nowe beynge here  (v or x) s/  It to every yomen vi s viii d / It to every grome iii s iiii d  It to

my Lords grace one hundred of the best quarters malte I have towards hys house/ It to Sr henry Grey xxvj li that I

lent hym yn rdy money/ It to every chapleyn of my lords  to singe tuynfully for my soule of there charitye

xxs /  It to every childe of Master Greys vil  xiiis iiiid /  It to every of my sisters children iiil vis  iij d/  It to

Edwarde hassett  xx li/  It I wyll have a honest preest to synge for my soule ij yere and he to have xx ti  

marks bouthe yeres that ys vij  li  xij s  iiijd a yere/  It to every pore house holder yn  Colney Shelley

and Rige viiid  /  It I make my executors my cosyn Crystofer Seynt Jermyn and Sr Harry Graye

knight to whome I gyve for their laborous vili xiis iiiid to every of them/  It I will that my

house at hamstede that yt be sold by my executors and the mony thereof  comynge  to be

bestowyd yn the high wayes betwext Hamestead and Seynt Gylys yn the fylde  / It I will that my

lease of Lyston ferme be sold and the mony thereof cmynge to be bestowyd yn lyke maner yn that

place /  It I gyfe my lease that I have of Sante Bartholomewe to my cousyn Seynt Jermyn and to Sr Henry Grey

It I will that my lands and tenements yn Brome yn the pryshe of Southell be solde/  And the monye ther of cmynge


ther of commynge to be bestowyd in the highwayes  in the sayde parishe whereas is most nede by the discrecyon

of my executors/  Item to George Lucy ii fether beddis and all longynge thereto/  Item I gyve to the seide  George

when he cumythe to his yeres xxti marke yn redy mony/  It I wyll my plate be solde by my executors to

fulfyll this my will/  It I will that my leese yn Essex of the parsonage of Camfeld be delyviryd my Lords grace

It I will that my lease of the parsenage of Sowthell be delyveryde to Syr Harry Grey/  It I will that all the residew

of my goods not bequethyd be put fully to the  dyscrecyon of my Executors they to dyspose them for the helthe

of my sowle as yt shalbe best sene expedyent unto them whome I make as yt ys above rehersyde/  And yn

wytnes of this my laste will I have callyd to Sr Peter Fowler and Sr Thomas Gurnay Chaplens Rycharde

Hobbys Reynold Robynson and George Luce/  And also have subscrybed my name wt my owne hand

Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum coram dno Apud Lamebith xxixo die mensis Julij Anno

Dm Millimo quingenimo xxxijo [29th July 1532] Jurament Xroferi Seynt Jermyn et henrici Grey milits executoro in huimo

testamento moratori Ac approbatum et c Comissa fuit administraco omij et singlor_ bonoro mirin et creditors me

morats Xrofero et Henrico de bene et c / Ac de pleno et fideli Jumentario omn et singlore bonore mrin et creditors

huimoi confiadnd et c / Necno de plano et vero compoto reddend Ad sancta dei Evangelia Jurat / J
Edward Hassett may be his nephew, Edward Blennerhassett (d.1540), son of Sir Thomas Blennerhassett, Knt, of Frenze, Co.Norfolk.

2. John leaves "…my lease of the parsonage of Southill…" to his brother-in-law Sir Henry Grey of Wrest Park, Bedfordshire, husband of his sister Anne Blennerhassett of Blunham, Bedfordshire. Broom (Brome) & Southill (Southell/Sowthell) are adjoining villages, about four miles from Blunham and from Wrest Park.


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