Blennerhassett Family Tree
Genealogy one-name study      by Bill Jehan

Arthur William Blenner-Hassett & Margaret Williamson
Arthur Township, Wellington County, Ontario and Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada
published by Maple Creek & Area History Committee
in 2000. Pages 229-237 & 575, dedicated to
the Arthur William Blenner-Hassett Family,
were submitted by Dean Hassett
An account of a family who reflect the character
of a typical pre-1900 Maple Creek settler.
A paper by Jean Lewis, History 243, 1982.
NOTE: Originally published in error under the title: "The Arthur Williamson Blenner-Hassett Family".
The Archives Photographs Catalogue at Glenbow Museum 
in Calgary, Alberta contains historic photographs documenting the Canadian West. They have 23 photos of the Canadian Blenner-Hassett family from early 1900s
(use the hyphenated spelling to search their catalogue)   
Arthur William Blenner-Hassett
(b.11-Aug-1838 Lissataggle, Co.Kerry, Ireland      d.25-Jan-1901 Maple Creek, Saskatchewan)
married c1868 (C.o.E.) at Eramosa, Ontario
Margaret Williamson
(b.25-Sep-1843      d.25-Jun-1923 Maple Creek)
six children 
photo: courtesy of Joan Morin
Arthur William Blennerhassett & Margaret Blenner-Hassett (nee Williamson) family 1883
at Arthur Township, Wellington County, Ontario
Elizabeth (1874-1958), William Arthur (1869-1957), Arthur William (1838-1901), George (1871-1960), Margaret (Williamson, 1843-1923)
Margaret (1878-1950), James Henry (1876-1904)
photo: courtesy of Joan Morin
Arthur William Blenner-Hassett & Margaret Blenner-Hassett (nee Williamson) family
at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan c1893/95


William Arthur (1869-1957), Elizabeth (1874-1958), George (1871-1960), James Henry (1876-1904)
Samuel Noel (1885-1975), Arthur William (1838-1901), Margaret (nee Williamson, 1843-1923), Margaret (1878-1950)

Their son George Blenner-Hassett (1871-1960) was twice struck by lightning and survived.
One of these events occurred in 1923 - while in a shack on their leased land 30 miles south east of Maple Creek, lightening struck George on his heel, travelled through his foot and exited at his little toe without breaking a bone.  The boot is on display at the South-West Saskatchewan Old timers' Museum in Maple Creek.  George's sons Arthur "Art" Blenner-Hassett (b.1901) and Sydney Alonzo "Lon" Blennerhassett (b.1903) were with him in the shack at the time, Art being knocked out and Lon thrown out of the barn.
from "History of Maple Creek and Area, the Land and the People" (2 vols)
by Maple Creek and Area History Committee, 2000
In 1931 at the age of 60 years George suffered a stroke, but continued to run his ranch until 1945 when he and Winnie moved to Cypress Street, Maple Creek.
from a booklet on the Canadian Blenner-Hassett family by genealogist David Charles Pike of London, Ontario
photos: courtesy of Joan Morin and
the South-West Saskatchewan Old timers' Museum at Maple Creek, Saskatchewan


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