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   Introduction      History      Irish Rebellion of 1641
The Irish Rebellion of 1641 and the troubles of 1641-1649 
King Charles I, The English Civil War, The Commonwealth and Oliver Cromwell
Robert Blennerhassett of Ballycarty, first of the name to settle in Co.Kerry, had a son Capt. Arthur Blennerhassett (d.1696), born at Ballycarty Castle which with Ballyseedy was inherited by his elder brother Capt. John Blennerhassett (b.c1595 d.1576). Arthur acquired property at Loughgur, Bruff, Co.Limerick and (through his wife) at Ballynard, near Herbertstown, Co.Limerick.
During the Irish rebellion of 1641 Arthur Blennerhassett defended his home Ballycarty Castle against the rebels but was taken prisoner by them. In 1642 he made a deposition against those rebels who had taken part in the seige of Tralee Castle in 1641. He became a Captain in the army of King Charles I and is listed as one of the '49 Officers or '49 Lots who in 1649 served the King in Ireland. Also listed among the '49 Officers is another Arthur Blennerhassett and Phillip Blennerhassett, but I have failed to identify these two men <who are they?>. Following the restoration, when church and crown lands and the lands of confiscated Royalists were to a great extent restored, these officers were given first priority in land distribution (Act of Settlement 1661, Act of Explanation 1665).
Arthur's eldest brother Capt. John Blennerhassett had three sons, one of whom was Capt. Robert Blennerhassett (b.c1627) who was to gain Castle Conway for the Blennerhassett family through his marriage to 2nd cousin Avice Conway (b.c1640), daughter and co-heir of Edward Conway of Castle Conway.
Robert served in Cromwell's army, being known during the troubles of 1641-1649 as Captain 'Hassett. Because of this service his lands remained intact during Cromwell's time, unlike those of some of his neighbours.  Although he had supported Cromwell's side, he received full & free pardon on the restoration of King Charles II. Robert is included in  "A list of officers who have deserted the Lord Inchequine & are engaged now for the present service of Ireland" in a petition for funds read in the House of Commons at Westminster on 7-Jul-1649.
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