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   Introduction      New Zealand Airmail Postage Stamps 1935 - Arthur Harrold Blennerhassett
Arthur Harrold Blennerhassett
New Zealand airmail postage stamps, 1935
Arthur Harrold Blennerhassett (b.1898 d.1979), a chemist from New Plymouth, New Zealand,
took a photograph of the first official air mail flight from Australia to New Zealand,
the aeroplane "Faith in Australia", arriving at Bell Block aerodrome, New Plymouth, on 12-Apr-1934. 
His photograph was used by James Barry to design this set of three New Zealand airmail postage stamps,
issued in 1935 (values 1d red, 3d violet, 6d blue)
Three months after the commencement of a regular passenger service over the trunk route,
the first regular official air mails were carried under contract with the Postal Department. 
The first day cover below was carried on 16-March-1936 by Union Airways of New Zealand Ltd
during the inaugration of a regular official air mail service,

No official first-day covers were issued but several were made privately, as this example: 

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