Blennerhassett Family Tree
Genealogy one-name study      by Bill Jehan
   Introduction      Portraits of the Hassett family of Hassett, Nova Scotia
Portraits of the Hassett family
from the community of Hassett or Hassetts
in Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hassett is a community in the District of Clare (formerly New Tusket),
in Digby County (formerly part of Annapolis County), Nova Scotia
This community has always been named "Hassett"
although referred to by local people verbally as "Hassetts".
In 2004 the Municipality replaced existing "Hassett" roadsigns
with new signs reading "Hassetts" - why was this done?

photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
Children of James Hassett (b.1836) and Amanda "Mandie" E. McNeill (b.1849)
of Hassett, Nova Scotia, c1930.
in front are some of their children
REAR: (not named L-R)
Francis "Frank" Hassett b.1874 (twin), (Charles) William Hassett b.1874 (twin), Harlow Hassett b.1876 (twin), Roscoe Hassett b.1876 (twin),
Harman Hassett b.1883, Clifton Scova Hassett b.1891
CENTRE: (not named L-R)
(Carrie) Jane Hassett b.1870, Adelia "Adelie" Hassett b.1872,
Ethel May Hassett b.1880, Helena "Helen"  Hassett b.1885,
(Flora) Ida Hassett b.1887, Bertha Hassett b.1889,
two boys, three girls <names?> 
photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
two of the brothers <names?>
operated one of the first mink ranches 
photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
Ethel May Dalphin, nee Hassett
b.27-March-1880 New Tusket, d.26-June-1955
married John Craig Byrne Dalphin
Memorandum on the family history of John Craig (Byrne) Dalphin
(written c1932-37 by J.C. Dalphin, transcribed by his wife Ethel May Hassett Dalphin)
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images: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
Ethel May Dalphin (nee Hassett),
with daughter Clara Scrymgeour McCracken (nee Dalphin) and
grand-daughters Nancy Byrne McCracken (left) & Prudence McCracken

The three photographs below may be of the Dalphin family
with their extended Hassett family, but this is uncertain...
if you can name anyone in these photographs, please contact us 
photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
Hassett Family group (?) early 1930s
photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
Hassett Family Gathering (?) U.S. Independance Day 4-July-1934
perhaps at the Dalphin home in Washington DC, USA
photo: courtesy of Kelly E. Nelson
Hassett family Wedding (?) early 1930s 
 John Craig Dalphin and Ethel May Dalphin (nee Hassett)
standing, indicated by arrows

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